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Our tribute to the victims of the September 11th

We publish again the JW-Media Communicate regarding the September 11th, 2001 attack as a tribute paid to the victims of that day, 14 of which were Jehovah’s Witnesses. TdG News Editor ——- For Immediate Release September 11, 2001

Peaceful worship threatened in Azerbaijan

For Immediate Release September 3, 2008 BAKU, Azerbaijan—The escalation of raids, arrests and deportations indicates a steady decline of human rights in Azerbaijan. One recent incident involved two women who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Gamar Alieva and Imamzade Mamedova. They were arrested for carrying out “religious propaganda.” Both were released, but after being detained for two [...]

Changes to religion law in Austria can benefit other countries

For Immediate Release August 12, 2008 STRASBOURG—Austria’s long history as a progressive pluralistic society will only be enhanced by the most recent decision of the European Court of Human Rights. What is perhaps more important is that the decision of the Court clearly explains that there is no justification for a nationally and internationally well-established [...]

Systematic arrests in Eritrea aggressively target minority faith

For Immediate Release August 14, 2008 ASMARA, Eritrea—In what is the most open attempt in recent history to shut down a minority religion in Eritrea, police have systematically arrested 15 elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses during July and August. Some of them are presently confirmed to be imprisoned, but the whereabouts of others have not been [...]

ECHR rules Austria religion law violates human rights

For Immediate Release July 31, 2008 STRASBOURG—Today, the European Court of Human Rights released a decision concerning religious law in Austria. The Court stated that Austrian religious law violates the European Convention on Human Rights. Two religious confessional communities had complained about being discriminated against in comparison with recognized churches. Preliminary to this decision, Austrian [...]

Arson destroys religious meeting hall in Russia

For Immediate Release July 28, 2008 CHEKHOV, Russia—For the first time in the modern history of Russia, arson left a Kingdom Hall, or house of worship used by Jehovah’s Witnesses, in charred ruins. This comes at a time when official opposition to religious freedom has reached the highest levels since the establishment of the Russian [...]

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